Easter Sermon Series – Spring 2018

In April, we reflect on the meaning of Easter.

On Palm Sunday, during a family service, we study the crowds’ actions during Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The crowds welcome a Messiah king, many awaiting a political liberator. Surprises await in the week ahead, but not for Christ. His death had been prophesied. His Messianic leadership is about forgiveness and liberty of a different, everlasting kind.

On Easter Day, we come to Christ in gratitude for His salvation, which He offers us freely. He offers us hope of resurrection life. When the disciples got to the tomb, they saw the tombstone rolled away and an angel nearby. The angel had a simple message: Jesus had risen. He then invited them to see for themselves. This is a mirror of what each individual believer has to do: to look for themselves, and decide on their own reaction to Jesus.

On Low Sunday, we reflect on Thomas’s doubts about Christ. Thomas was able to get the proof he wanted when he encountered Jesus himself. What happens today when sceptics demand proof before they believe? We and our fellow Christians are the body of Christ in the modern world. The proof or hallmark of Christ’s blessings lie in the way we live our lives and how we show our love for one another.